See you on the cloud! 2022 Lishui District Overseas Innovative Talents Yunqia will gather the wise people!

  2022 Lishui District Overseas Innovative Talents Cloud Fair was held on June 15, representatives of talents, enterprises and investment institutions from home and abroad gathered in the "cloud", communication and negotiation, and nine innovative talent projects online roadshow.

  This year is Lishui's "innovation-driven industrial transformation breakthrough year", and innovation is inseparable from talents. Lishui District continuously strengthens the linkage with overseas resources and actively promotes the cooperation of scientific and technological talents between Lishui and Europe. At this meeting, Prof. Orenholt, CEO of Asiabizz from Copenhagen, Denmark, gave a speech on the theme of "How overseas talents empower regional industrial development in the era of epidemic". Meanwhile, Nanjing Jinbang Power Technology Co., Ltd, a talent enterprise from Lishui Development Zone, shared the development history of the enterprise on the spot. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that in order to cope with the current internationalization demand, the demand for overseas talents is large and wide, and it is hoped that through the introduction of overseas talents, it will expand the sales and technical exchanges in overseas markets. Jinbang Power released the demand for chief technical expert, technical support (overseas), marketing manager (overseas) and other positions.

  In order to create a strong talent attraction area, Lishui Development Zone constantly strengthens the mechanism of attracting talents by policy, nurturing talents by platform and retaining talents by service, innovates the mechanism of talent cultivation and introduction, optimizes the environment for talent development, and stimulates the vitality of innovation and creation of talents. The relevant person in charge of the talent section of the Organization Department of the Lishui District Committee interpreted the talent policy on the spot, and Lishui will support overseas talent projects in ten aspects, such as startup place, industrialization support, tax support, financial support, talent housing protection, life supporting services, etc.

  In recent years, a number of overseas talents have settled in Lishui Development Zone. At the Yunqia meeting, nine innovative talent projects from China, Denmark, Japan and other countries recommended by Xiaohu Technology Science and Innovation Platform of Lishui Development Zone had online and offline roadshows, covering the fields of intelligent equipment, artificial intelligence, new energy automobile, and big health, which are highly in line with the direction of industrial development of Lishui Development Zone. At the meeting, the project representatives and overseas talents present also exchanged and negotiated with the relevant persons in charge of Lishui Development Zone on relevant policies.