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Nanjing, welcomes Hong Kong's luxury property expert

Legendary Scripts from Hong Kong The world's three most recognized financial centers, "New ...
Nanjing South Railway Station
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Nanjing South Railway Station City Terminal restarted check-in service for international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passenger flights.

Starting from June 6, passengers flying to Macau on flight NX127 can ...
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Foreign businessmen, not outsiders

01 People's hearts are united, the cause of prosperity Nanjing has always been a gathering place for foreign businessmen. The ...
One of NJ's best kept secret cards
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Consumption, Nanjing's best-kept secret card

This Dragon Boat Festival, the entire foreign enterprise circle in the Yangtze River Delta is ...
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Attention! The peak of the return passenger flow

June 10 is the "Dragon Boat Festival" the last day of the holiday, the railroad station in Nanjing ...
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Multi-platform live broadcast, millions of people watch the race! Watch Lishui "Dragon Boat Racing" live!

June 10, is a traditional Chinese festival Dragon Boat Festival, Lishui District Honglan Street Tian ...
Amplify the advantages
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Han Liming carries out a series of research in Lishui District on "Enlarging Advantages and Accelerating the Development of New Quality Productivity".

Recently, Han Liming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, carried out the "Enlarge Advantages, Accelerate Development" in Lishui District ...
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Writing a New Chapter of Yangtze River Delta Integration as a Forerunner of Chinese-Style Modernization

2024 Annual Symposium of Key Leaders of Yangtze River Delta Region Held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang ...
Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of the 5th lunar month)
city cultural tourism

How to arrange the Dragon Boat Festival vacation? Come to Jingqiao and enjoy the fun activities!

Another year of dumplings, Dragon Boat Festival vacation countdown 2 days, your Dragon Boat Festival vacation ...
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When the sea breeze blows into Nanjing which is not by the sea

Strategizing the sea, to the sea to be strong, Jiangsu is trying to build a strong marine province.June 6 ...
Landscape City Linjiang
city cultural tourism

The integration of "mountain, water, city, forest and river" creates an ecological landscape of happiness in Gulou.

The sunset light is shed on the Gulou riverfront shoreline, and the years flow slowly like a finger of quicksand ...
low altitude economy
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Five questions to understand the hot low altitude economy

Five questions to understand the hot low-altitude economy The low-altitude economy is 2024's most ...

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