Lishui Rainflower Tea, fragrant in Paris!

Recently, the unique fragrance of Nanjing rain tea floated to Paris, France, 10,000 miles away, a touch of this quiet tea is produced from thename of a riverProduction base of rainbow tea in Jingqiao Town, Shui District.

  This "Tea and the world - Su Yun Yaji" activities held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, guests immersed in the experience of hand frying rain jasmine black tea, Biluochun tea, smell, color, taste ...... close experience of the Chinese tea culture! The infinite charm of Chinese tea culture.

  The event is divided into six parts: "Tea - Source", "Tea - Rhyme", "Tea - Banquet", "Tea - Gift", "Tea - Meeting" and "Tea - Journey". The event is divided into six parts, namely "Tea - Source", "Tea - Rhyme", "Tea - Banquet", "Tea - Ritual", "Tea - Meeting" and "Tea - Journey", which, with the help of thematic exhibitions, cultural and artistic performances, and interactive experiences, systematically introduces the history of tea, comprehensively and multi-dimensionally presents the richness of the tea culture of China, and demonstrates the vitality and achievements of the inheritance and protection of tea culture.

Chen Shengfeng, the representative inheritor of rain tea production technology in Lishui District, demonstrated the jasmine rain tea black tea production technology on the spot.

  Jasmine rain tea black tea, is the use of rain tea production technology and black tea production technology organic combination and made a kind of black tea.Rainbow tea black tea and jasmine produced in Jiangsu Province for "curing"The jasmine blossom and tea aroma are blended with each other, so that when one sips the tea, one can taste the sweetness of the black tea as well as the floral aroma of the jasmine blossom. After the production is completed, the dried jasmine flowers and the tea are separated through a bamboo sieve, so that the tea does not see the flower shape but has a residual fragrance.

  Chen Shengfeng said, "This is a traditional Chinese tea-making technique, which is the spiritual embodiment of the 'unity of heaven and man' and 'Taoism and nature' in traditional Chinese thought, and is an organic combination of respect for nature and the 'harmonious respect, mutual tolerance, and mutual coexistence' ideas." In November 2022, "Traditional Chinese Tea Making Techniques and Related Customs" was listed on theUNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.This year.Rain Tea Production Technique Inheritance Experience CenterInaugurated in the town of Jingqiao.

  Good mountains and good water out of good tea, at present, Jingqiao Town tea planting area of more than 4600 acres, tea planting and production enterprises 8, the main varieties of Biluochun, white tea, rainbow tea, etc., the main varieties of Biluochun, white tea, rainbow tea, etc..The annual output value reaches 92 million yuanTea has become a green and rich industry in the town.

  Inheritance lies in the protection and more in the development of Lishui is heart and soul to pass on and protect the art of making rainbow tea.Let the rain tea out of Jiangsu, running to the world, the fragrance floats farther away!