Lishui's "breakfast meeting" builds a "heart-to-heart bridge" between government and enterprises.

  How to listen to the voices of enterprises face-to-face to promote government departments to better solve the difficulties of enterprises and help enterprises to develop with high quality?Based on these thoughts, Lishui District started the attempt of "Entrepreneurs' Breakfast Meeting".

 On the morning of December 16, Lishui District held a breakfast meeting for entrepreneurs of the new energy automobile industry chain, inviting 30 representatives of key enterprises in the chain to carry out discussions and exchanges around the theme of "Gathering 'Lishui' Zhizao, the future of people and cars". Lin Tao, deputy mayor and secretary of the district party committee, emphasized that it is necessary to further build a pro-clear business environment, create the best business environment, and promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry chain. Guo Yuchen, deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Tang Huiwei, Chen Gang, Zhang De Cai, Shi Lei, Liu Jia, Shi Mingsheng, Zhai Xiaoli and other leaders of the district attended.

  After listening carefully to the speeches of entrepreneurs, Lin Tao pointed out that the entrepreneurs' breakfast is aimed at building a good platform for political and business exchanges through new and lively forms of exchanges. In the future, it will organize a monthly meeting to better understand the demands of enterprises, solve their difficulties and promote their development.

Be confident and seize the opportunities in the midst of the crisis

  At present, we should take the study and implementation of the spirit of the central economic work conference as an important political task, party and government leaders and cadres at all levels, entrepreneurs should strengthen the study, grasp the macro situation, use micro policy, pay attention to progress in a stable manner, coordinate and further expand and strengthen the new energy automobile industry in Lishui.

To emancipate the mind and accelerate transformation in innovation

  To promote the creation of innovation platform, around the market application of the eight industry chain, do a good job of technology research, with market-oriented mechanisms to guide the innovation platform; to strengthen the quality and standards awareness, seize the opportunity to participate in the certification; to focus on intellectual property rights, pay attention to enterprise R & D, give full play to the advantages of our region, and increase the introduction of core talent and training, and strive for new energy enterprises to enter the new and high and new energy enterprises more often. To further build a strong industrial chain, strengthen training, the introduction of industrial funds, and do a good job related services to improve the development of the industrial level of enterprises. While ensuring adequate supply of electricity to enterprises, we should control the intensity of energy consumption of enterprises and guard the red line and bottom line of environmental protection and safety.

To work together to win the future

  Departments at all levels should overcome the difficulties, further clarify their responsibilities, form a consensus, show Lishui's service brand of "Lishui Office", the style of doing things immediately and the spirit of not staying overnight, actively build a pro-clear government-business relationship, and build the optimal area for business environment. It is necessary to strengthen the elements of protection and build a pro-clear political and business environment. Leaders and cadres at all levels should do practical things for the public in conjunction with the study of party history, deal with enterprises openly and honestly, and take the initiative to provide door-to-door service, so that Lishui entrepreneurs can have a sense of comfort and belonging, and promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry chain.

  Lin Tao requirements, with the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival "two festivals" is approaching, the board and the park to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, unswervingly adhere to the "outside to prevent the importation of the internal rebound" general strategy, to encourage employees to spend the New Year's Eve, and to do a good job of the corresponding supporting services, to do! Prevention and control of hard core, warm service.

  At the meeting, Guo Yuchen introduced the city's new energy automobile industry chain and the next development trend; District Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Tang Huiwei introduced the region's new energy automobile industry development situation background; Kaiwo New Energy Vehicle Group Corporation, Nanjing Changan Automobile Co.

Kaiwu New Energy

  Zhu Ping, Vice President of Kaiwu New Energy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. shared the work done by the enterprise in the process of industry chain construction, and put forward suggestions on accelerating the comprehensive new energyization of public transportation in Nanjing, the promotion and application of new energy vehicles for official vehicles, and the promotion of electric dump trucks.

Chang'an Automobile

  Ltd. general manager Zhang Yuxiang around the development of new energy automobile industry, a detailed introduction to the enterprise situation and development planning, hope that in the process of project promotion, Lishui District departments, development zones can accelerate the project audit support, if necessary, a matter of discussion, to ensure that the project is put into production on schedule.

Everest Leader (Chinese company)

  Nanjing Hengtian Leader Automobile Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Pioneer said, I hope the government can support emerging enterprises, give the company product market support, help local brands, specializing in fine, bigger and stronger.

  After years of construction, the new energy automobile industry in our region has realized from scratch, from weak to strong, and built a relatively mature and complete industrial chain, which has become the first leading industry in Lishui. At present, there are 209 new energy automobile industry chain enterprises in the region, including 179 enterprises, including 6 vehicle enterprises, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, light trucks and engineering vehicles, etc., and more than 200 models in the bulletin catalog, making it the most complete region in the city for new energy automobile mass production models. There are 102 core parts and components companies, basically covering the motor, sensors, batteries, electronic control systems, charging piles and other core links in the industry chain.